Mar 312013

Here’s a quick video of something I’ve been working on recently:

This is just an experiment in coming up with a more interesting ray-marched scene to test out graphics techniques. It may be developed into a proper demo at some point, but that probably requires more artistic input than I’m able to give, so we’ll see.

What we have here are two infinite length boxes, with X and Y coordinates rotated around the Z axis depending on Z. Another box is intersected at intervals to break it up a bit. Finally a texture is used to add some small-scale surface detail. So there’s nothing particularly interesting about the base shape.

The background environment map was made in Spacescape, an awesome little program for drawing sky boxes of stars and nebulae. and then baked into a cubemap. The basic rendering is much the same as I talked about here. There is also an implementation of the Bokeh depth of field presented here (which I’ll post a bit more about at some point), and lots of point lights rendered using an implementation of the tiled deferred shading presented here.

I’ve not really worried about optimisation but it’s currently running at around 100fps at 720p on my HD7950.