Nov 132013

Last week we went to Reykjavik in the hope of finally spotting the aurora borealis. It was my fourth time in Iceland with no luck on the previous visits (it was generally cloudy) so I was hoping for good weather. Luckily the day we arrived it was completely clear all night, so we were hopeful as we headed out in the car after dinner. As soon as we’d left the lights of the town it was apparent that there was something happening as there was a faint, slightly green, streak across the sky, a little way above the northern horizon.

There were still street lights on the road at this point, so we carried on out into the wilderness and found a layby to stop in (where there was already a coach tour parked up, but it was all we could find in the dark). Away from all the light pollution the aurora was much more visible, and started to grow and move around a bit. Success at last!

There was something in the sky for the whole three hours we were out there, sometimes getting stronger and sometimes fading away. It’s a lot fainter in real life than you see in photos, and the movement is a lot slower than you see in videos, but it’s still really impressive and beautiful.

I wasn’t planning on taking any photos as it’s really hard without decent equipment, but as the display was lasting so long I decided to have a go anyway. This was using a shutter time of 6 seconds, and maximum aperture and ISO. The photos are really quite bad, but they give an idea of what it looked like! The reflections are from the roof of the car, which made do as a poor tripod substitute…







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  1. Still very awesome! Glad you finally got to see them 🙂

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